Hi Simon & Francis tell me a little about yourselves & your band SiM?

 There is not much to say…we are based in Montreal and we’re just two regular guys just doing what they love: MUSIC.


How long have you been together?

 We have been making music together since 2010, but officially started the band in 2012.


what are your inspirations?

For us, music is our therapy. We are really into the funky music of the 70’s and 80’s as well as the rock ages of the 90’s. What we do is add a little modernity into it to make it into the unique sound of SiM.


What set’s SiM apart from the crowed?

 As much as we love the pop style, we are not the typical sound you would hear on the radio. We have a different tone and we like to keep the structure of our songs old school with a nice guitar solo in between the mix.


Tell me about your first album  ‘My only feeling’?

 We have been working on the tracks for ‘My Only Feeling’ since we started making music. It’s our baby. It’s a mix of emotions fine tuned into a pop mixture of eclectic sounds.


I love your song ‘My Love’ tell me about how you captured that unique free flowing sound?

 Honestly, we just composed the song with what we thought would sound right.

We pretty much layed down a couple of tracks and mixed synths with it and voila!



Where do you see SiM 5 years from now?

We would love to tour around the world, reach new fans, meet new crazy people and hear our tracks in movies!


What are your tips for aspiring artist’s?

Try, try, try…never give up. Persistence is the key.


 How can people find out about SiM?

People can follow us online anywhere, anytime. They can start by checking out our website where they can get information on all our new tracks, albums, shows and get all updates about us.  All the links to our Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms are available through the website. And of course, fans can always get into contact with us through email at our website; we love to hear comments and suggestions that can make us grow to newer heights.

Stay up to date with SiM here:

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